3QUARTERS is one of the first sustainable fashion brands in Greece, founded in 2015 in Athens by siblings Garyfalia & John Pitsakis. We re-purpose locally sourced leftover balcony awnings into beautiful, functional bags and accessories.

a candle for:

a candle for: is a female-founded and operated candle brand designed to help individuals slow down, acknowledge the moment they are in, and engage with their senses.

Argot Swim

Everyone deserves to feel good in a swim suit & you deserve to feel good about how it was made too. I hope you feel like a cool, sexy icon wearing Argot. Because you are a cool, sexy icon. No vacation days required.

Alfena Footwear

Alfena Footwear™ is our small token of contribution to a sustainable future. With every shoe our intent is to have the highest quality of material derived directly from Mother Nature while aiming to be as biodegradable as possible.


ADIFF is a female-founded design label that empowers refugees and upcycles traditional "waste" materials to create clothing and accessories. 


AKETEKETE designs and creates high-quality jewelry and woven baskets with age-old techniques by supporting artisan communities to make them. 

A Line of Kope

Made with non-toxic ink, repurposed fabric, and a dose of reality. A LINE OF KOPE provides contemporary insights, cultural truths; a source of power, vigilance, spontaneity, …

África Hernández

África Hernández's design philosophy is a reflection of her research into sustainable practices along with textile developments based on the reinterpretation and manipulation of ancient techniques bringing together the clash of vintage and modern.

Amalya Meira

Experimental and distinctive in her design, Amalya approaches clothing as wearable sculpture. Through zero waste construction and up-cycling, her work explores the strange harmony of beauty and grit.

Anne x Joseph

Anne x Joseph is a distinguished handcrafted accessories brand that brings to life bespoke jewelry designs using premium materials like gold-filled chains, freshwater pearls, among others. With a keen eye for detail, they design each piece for individuals who epitomize class, sophistication, and style.

Aline Yaneli

Aline Yaneli is a new high fashion brand founded in the heart of Europe. Unique design combined with latest trends creates highly fashionable urban style.  Aline Yaneli strives for a change in the fashion industry by directing suppliers in a more sustainable direction and inspiring customers to make more conscious choices by offering more livable products.


AMIHAN is a slow-fashion label, designed and produced in New York City, dedicated to curating a capsule wardrobe for the feminine figure. Celebrating all that she is, and all that she can be. At the heart of our vision is a more considered model, inspired by organic fabrics, ethical practices and a sustainable future. 


Welcome to a multicolored world of fair fashion handmade in Peru! ANNAMRIAANGELIKA's premium knitwear is characterized by the confluence of sustainability, lifestyle and design, while playfully creating a unique link between tradition and modernity. 


In the Andes of Ecuador, craftsmanship and nature come together to create something truly special. It is here where Apuk was born, a brand of sustainable denim jackets, handmade by artisans who carry in their hands the wisdom of their ancestors. Fashion should be more than just a temporary trend, it should be a manifestation of our connection to nature and our communities.

Bella Mews

Bella Mews is a fashion-conscious brand, offering one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories crafted from preloved fabrics. We design and create pieces that evoke a sense of joy through color and prints, and we do so with integrity. Our accessories demonstrate the beauty of upcycling through slow fashion and small batch local production. 


BRAVANARIZ are the places and the plants. Scents are the language of plants. The forests are full of olfactory voices that affect and transform us. 

Cipango Paris

Once upon a time, Cipango. The Chinese name of the Nipponese archipelago reported by Marco Polo on his return from the Silk Road. Cipango is an island of the Levant, which is on the high seas, one thousand five hundred miles from land.


Clandestina is Cuba’s first independent sustainable fashion brand, a collective of designers and artists who create urban products inspired by the Cuban “resolver“ way of life. 


Altruism, mindful consumption and sustainability are central to the CloudCloth® ethos. We’re not interested in quick fixes or feeding egos.


DOIZPE was founded in Mexico City in 2014 and now it is based in New York. However, the production remained in Mexico. The brand has always been socially responsible and conscious about how the fashion industry affects our environment and the importance of the labor behind each accessory. 

Doussou Traoré

Doussou Traoré is a novel fashion design partnership that bridges world-class art, textiles and tailoring. Malian craftsmanship is at the heart: in the midst of the arid terr…

Earthero Studio

Earthero Studio is a sustainable wearable art brand, specialized in creating limited-edition, up-cycled fashion pieces that aim to be exciting, multi-function, accessible and environmentally conscious.

Endota Spa

Endota spa is Australia’s largest and most-loved day spa network with 100+ spas across Australia.  endota is an indigenous word meaning ‘beautiful’ and guides us in every spa treatment delivered, and in every skincare product we develop.

Ella Goodine Richardson

 Unique in her practice, Ella combines independence and tradition with a wild dance of object making that captures the quality of the historical moment through site-specific natural dyeing techniques and geographical reverence.

Elephas Paris

ELEPHAS Paris ® products have been designed to be high-end efficient cosmetic with no concession to health and the environment.


Faculty was designed with the modern urbanite in mind; to help city-dwellers combat the cold and conquer the city. Our signature products are functional for-the-city down jackets and parkas. With incredible European-made quality, we took a thoughtful approach to winter wear, listening to people’s needs in the city. 


FOXYLAB NEW YORK (FXLB) is a creative laboratory that introduces art into fashion. Focused on creating streetwear fashion, the brand’s main mission is to support artists and …

Furkat & Robbie

Dreamt up on the sunny isle of Jamaica, Furkat & Robbie is a woman-owned lifestyle brand that offers a timeless escape of warm weather dressing, revealing a premium and sensual resortwear collection of kaftans, kimonos, and ready-to-wear styles. Our creations exude a lived-in sense of ease: embodying the beauty of our Afro-Caribbean heritage, island comfort, and feminine confidence. 


At Fullup., we strive to create minimalist, premium, durable shoes with a smaller footprint – we don’t claim to be the most sustainable shoe in the world. Still, we hope to be part of the global effort to reduce fashion’s impact on the environment.

Gi's Bikinis

Discover Gi's Bikinis, your ultimate source for stylish and sustainable swimwear. They prioritize fashion and sustainability in every aspect of their brand, from materials to manufacturing. The bikinis are meticulously handmade in Brazil using biodegradable nylon, embodying their commitment to the environment.


GOT BAG Create an Impact Every year about 9 million tons of plastic enter our oceans. As a german-based Start-up, we crafted and launched the world’s first backpack made of Ocean Plastic. 

Good Tidings Style

 Good Tidings Style has always stood for a better tomorrow. To us, that means no matter who you are or where you live, you feel both physically and mentally supported by your community. Every Good Tidings Style purchase enables us to invest in local artisans, the Navajos, the Hopis or women in San Miguel de Allende, who are working to create positive changes.

HOME'edged NYC

HOME'edged NYC was founded to help people elevate their space and ultimately their minds. We help people pay "homage" to themselves by offering exquisite scent experiences through our luxury home and body fragrances. 

Inaru Valley

INARU partners closely with cocoa farmers in our supplychain, and through our programs we are enhancingfinancial empowerment and regenerative organic cocoain the Dominican Republic.  We invite you to join ourjourney in creating the best chocolate for the world.


Ipsilon’s mission is to prove that sustainable and eco-friendly clothing can be fashionable, “à la mode” and positive.

Jen Green Designs

Jen Green Designs is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Jen Green, the Director of Sustainability in Burlington, Vermont. It offers a unique line of well-crafted, functional office attire designed specifically for professional women who bike to work, seamlessly blending style with utility.

Jona Bednjanec

Inspired by a world of knitting and textiles, Jona Bednjanec explores and celebrates the richness of knitting technology, focused on patterns and colors. Knitwear is made and developed by her on knitting machine or by hand.


Kurinji is a sustainable fashion brand with Indian-Italian roots on a mission to revive the arts and crafts from the past, while making choices for a healthy future. In Kurinji’s creative process, some of the most majestic and evocative Indian embroidery styles have been intertwined with the traditionally sophisticated Italian know-how, creating collections that are able to allude to luxury sceneries and flourishing imagery.

La Femme Apéro

La Femme Apéro is an ethical womenswear line that is a chic, bold, feminine and ‘accidentally sexy’ brand with deep French roots and a downtown New York twist. We focus on timeless yet trend-right silhouettes cut in high quality fabrics.

Latasha Lamar

Latasha Lamar is a sustainable jewelry line handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York.  The collection is comprised of ethically sourced gemstones, recycled sterling silver, 10k, and 14k gold.  We find beauty in the wild, imperfections of nature and strive to recreate that same spirit in our work through use of free form shapes and uneven textures.  

Lauren Altman Studio

Multimedia artist Lauren Altman, the creator of Lauren Altman Studio, specializes in crafting unique, handmade clothing items that blend a playful, fashion-forward style with traditional utilitarian worker designs. Altman skillfully upcycles and converts jumpsuits, worksuits, jackets, and outerwear into vibrant, wearable art pieces.


Lentsius brand wishes to offer the client a more environmentally friendly alternative to everyday jewelry and clothing. Therefore we're taking several daily actions and design decisions to move towards a greener future  –   to create new products we're upcycling metal and wood industry's waste to create minimalist products. 

Logan Blagg

Logan Blagg is created from scraps and reclaimed materials collected over the years. With a paramount interest in sustainable production, Logan’s mission is to dress forms in this harmony without contributing to the waste of the fashion industry, emphasizing play along the way. No thread unaccounted for, Logan Blagg’s clothing and accessories shine with the past, fusing retro futurism and fantasy into one of of a kind pieces.

Looms of Ladakh

Looms of Ladakh is a cooperative of women, trained by designers to produce trend setting knitted and woven products. The best raw materials are sourced locally from nomads and frontier livestock rearing communities of Ladakh (in Kashmir) who are the exclusive source of the world famous Changthangi Pashmina, Bactrian Camel wool, Yak wool and Sheep wool. 

Lizzy Gee

Lizzy Gee is an all-inclusive, sustainable designer brand that combines fun and functionality. Lizzy creates chic, transitional garments and accessories locally using recycled, upcycled, and organic textiles.


LOVYT is a conscious luxury athlesure brand. All their products are made from sustainable and recycled yarns. Their mission is to influence responsible lifestyles

Love Stories Bali

We are a style-conscious, eco-friendly, ethically-made and socially-responsible brand, based in Bali. With every purchase, you become a donor. We help you stay beautiful inside and outside! We’re fashion with a mission - to help in the early education of underprivileged children.

Mana Made

Mana Made is committed to using ethically sourced materials and sustainable production practices. This is a core value of the brand. We work solely with suppliers who use certified recycled metals - most of which are located in NYC where we are based. 


Inspired by their adventures around the world, the Maure team has partnered with local artisans across the globe and in their own backyard to assemble a collection of the most sublime curiosities. Many are handmade and exclusive to Maure and cannot be found anywhere else. 


Melvolente is a footwear label, inspired by Latin American roots; a fusion of ancestral era concepts and a futuristic style. Our art-wear is Handcrafted in Colombia by Colombian artisans who are passionate about making their artisan work prevail in time for the future. Melvolente is made for real women, who walk with purpose and dress like they mean it.

My Soul Tonic

My Soul Tonic is an ethical fashion brand which curates authentic quality products made by local artisans. They aim to create morally conscious, eco-friendly products that uplift local communities in a responsible way. The brand is an amalgamation of traditional and modern sensibility. 


The NOICE story began in 2019. Clement was on a personal journey of transitioning to an organic & vegan lifestyle.


We create seasonless pieces, made with love in small batches, all produced in NYC. NOORISM is an upcycle brand focused on taking apart jeans and using the pieces to create new items of clothing and accessories. 

Neena Zeve

Neena Zeve Designs is a Brooklyn based boutique specializing in unique fashions for women. Neena Zeve’s collections consist of handmade one-of-a-kind capes, jackets, hats, scarves, handbags, and special occasion pieces. 


OOH BABY upcycles garments into eclectic statement pieces. Through her unique patchwork designs, designer Anika Ignozzi prioritizes fun and sustainability when giving new life to clothing.

Out East Eyewear

Where lost sunglasses find their new home. Inspired by the Hamptons, our collection is designed to capture the essence of coastal elegance.

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Origin of Oceans

Origin of Oceans' mission is not only to create beautiful swimwear that is of the highest quality and a reliable source for amazing fit and style, but is to create awareness and support the efforts to clean our oceans and beaches to help save, heal, and preserve the life that gives us life.

Piper & Skye 

PIPER & SKYE’s exquisite handbags are made with love, respect, and responsibility every step of the way. Each design is crafted with a unique blend of luxurious and responsibly-sourced materials, including exotic fish skins, soft suedes, and hand-picked buttery leathers.

Reinhard Frans

Reinhard Frans, born of the 2008 financial crisis, stands as a testament to discerning craftsmanship, innovative design, and unrivaled quality in the world of artisanal footwear. Drawing from a rich heritage of shoe-making expertise and a passion for product authenticity, Reinhard Frans cultivates meticulously handcrafted and competitively priced footwear. Our milestones include the revolutionary 'Soho' sneaker, an embodiment of artisanship and innovation, and the unveiling of our Italian luxury shoe line, 'the Artisans', in 2023. At Reinhard Frans, we believe that a handmade shoe not only adorns but becomes an extension of the person who wears it. 

Rosin Studios

Founded in 2021 by Lizzie Rosin, Rosin Studios is a fashion house based in NYC. Aesthetically focusing on a single hue, the all black clothing and accessories are designed to be easily integrated with each other or into the wearers' own wardrobe.

Sandrine B. Jewelry

We believe in wearable art as a means to preserve memory and amplify the beauty of nature. We see the meaning and magic in discarded, forgotten items and seek to illuminate all the things they represent - concepts like memory, utility, and hope.


Sacer, established in 2018, is a homegrown Egyptian advocacy apparel brand and sourcing company that specializes in sustainable, ethical, premium quality clothing and home textiles. Some of our collections are crafted from 100% GOTS certified Organic Egyptian cotton and are both exceptionally soft & light to the touch, with vibrant colors and graphics, a relaxed fit and creative designs.


SIZ is distinguished by allying Clean and Crafty, in an urban, casual and dynamic result, and explore fabrics and techniques in the name of creative and aesthetic freedom.


Swiatlo is passionate about traditional craft textile techniques in India and the intrinsic sustainability seen in their making. We work with artisan partners around west India who make block prints, batiks and bandhani tie-dye with natural dyes and a tailoring unit in Jaipur, Rajasthan whose sole function is to repurpose discarded textiles.


Untrend is an upcycled vintage denim brand that creates one of a kind wearable art using thrifted garments, recycled textile scraps, and vintage hand cranked chainstitch embroidery. The goal is to reimagine what ordinary used denim can look like, all while avoiding harmful production practices and using as little new materials as possible.

Tove Wear

Tove Ohlander designed the Original Maker Skirt in 2017. Beyond the obvious beauty, functionality & practicality of the maker skirt design, there's a certain vibe that comes with the skirts that attracts people, inspiring you to get involved in empowering young women, raise money for teens in need, highlighting other designers & makers, promoting a local company, and acting for earth stewardship in general.

The Morphbag by GSK

Award-winning slow fashion vegan handbag brand, The Morphbag by GSK, is designed to deliver ultimate versatility of styling and use with handbags that morph with every version of you. London (England) based Italian designer, Giovanna Sessi-Knott, was inspired by the needs of multi-tasking women who seek in their handbags effortless style and practicality from day to night.The Morphbag by GSK signature set is the ultimate sustainable, ethical wardrobe staple with all color ways based on your color-analysis

The Chrysalis Lab

Chrysalization means transformation. Curated vintage pieces are upcycled into wearable art. We strive to create one-of-a-kind, and limited edition collections relevant to the here and now and sustainable for the future.

Wenjüe Lu

Born in Beijing and now based in New York, Sashiko practitioner, artist, and fashion designer Wenjue Lu is neither bounded by the realm of art or fashion.

Wool + Clay

Wool+Clay is a sustainable luxury home decor company that travels the world to find artisans who put a modern twist on ancient traditions. We tell the stories of each artisan and workshop so the buyers can connect with the makers.


Zeki Learning is a non-profit, educational toy brand that produces ethically-made learning resources. The toys are created with Montessori principles that encourage fine motor skills, sensory skills, language learning, and emotional intelligence.

The Dust Company

APA is a Belgian fashion brand that combines high style with deep science. We take cutting-edge performance technologies and fabrics from the world of extreme sports.