“Getting out of our head and into our senses” - Lorig Purutyan, Founder

Sparked by burnout, Lorig created a candle for: in 2020 after noticing she and those around her were consistently moving at a fast pace - jumping from one thing to the next, not taking into account the toll it was taking on mental well-being.

a candle for: was created to help individuals slow down, intentionally exist in the moment (big, small, or ordinary), and engage with their senses. Each candle scent is paired with a curated playlist - linking visual, olfactory, and auditory experiences.

All candles are hand-crafted in New York City and are made from a clean burning coconut & soy wax blend and phthalate-free fragrances & essential oils. a candle for: makes it easy for you to give your vessel a new life and upcycle once you've reached the end of your candle.

Let your senses lead the way and join them in lighting a candle for: any given moment.

New York, NY