MEL•VO•LEN•TE /mēl vəˈlentē/ Mel is the inicial name of the designer and Volente comes from the latin quote Deo Volente which means “If God wills,” “if it is meant to be.” or “God willing,” Melvolente, that is, Mel willing; if nothing prevents it •Divine will• Melvolente is a footwear label, inspired by Latin American roots; a fusion of ancestral era concepts and a futuristic style. Our art-wear is Handcrafted in Colombia by Colombian artisans who are passionate about making their artisan work prevail in time for the future. Melissa Sierra, founder, designer and creative director of Melvolente, is a fashion design graduate from Domus Academy, this experience in Milan, give her the opportunity to continue her studies in the renowned Artusoria school where she specialized in footwear design & pattern making prototyping. Mel is the youngest member in embracing a 40-year shoemaking family legacy.

Her designs are characterized by black-white chromatic dualism and the astute use of color. optical and geometric illusions

. Melvolente is made for real women, who walk with purpose and dress like they mean it.