"Hi there! We are Raquel and Sofia, twin sisters bonded by many things, including the passion for Fashion Design. We grew up together, and together we developed all kind of interests and skills, what lead us to the same university course. So, once more, we stayed together, and studied what we loved the most. Now, we maintain together to create our own brand! We are based in Portugal, and you can find us at our atelier in Sesimbra, near the beach and the mountain. The patterns are made by us and we test each one of them in old fabrics until they are perfect to our eyes. Then we cut them in the final fabric and sew it with love. When we have to contract someone to help us in the patterning or sewing process we choose local workers. SIZ is distinguished by allying Clean and Crafty, in an urban, casual and dynamic result, and explore fabrics and techniques in the name of creative and aesthetic freedom."
Sesimbra, Portugal