Lauren Altman Studio

I’m Lauren a.k.a. Tie-Dye Queen, and I create tie-dyed, painted, and embroidered wearable art on vintage and thrifted finds inspired by practices to support inner-work in my upcoming book, “Coping Creatively.” My practice is an ode to the philosophy that inner work never goes out of style. All of my creations are an invitation to embrace emotions and represent them through art and fashion in the most authentic means possible. This orientation to my work symbolizes a commitment to utilizing all experiences as a potential for growth. Fashion is a way to embody inner work, one avenue to reveal ourselves and have meaningful encounters that aren’t hinged on status brands. My vision is to show the world the power in creating art by leveraging tools of self-inquiry through journaling, painting, embroidery, collage, and color therapy. Art can be a point of entry into conversations that we wouldn’t otherwise have. The creative process begins within one’s emotional landscape and is then made accessible to others when expressed through art and fashion. Inner work can be seen as a process of recycling our experiences. Upcycling is a way to give a new life to an old garment – another way to tell the story. Here, I play with this metaphor by using vintage clothing, journal entries, and fabrics as my canvas. My upcycled, wearable art collections are sold at art and fashion spaces including Art to Ware in The Oculus Center, NYC, as well as Ooh Baby in the West Village, as well as House of Yes in Bushwick.
Brooklyn, New York, USA