Metamorphosis Unisex Vest 1

Crafted in 100% organic cotton fibres and natural materials. This charcoal-coloured, 30s cotton upcycled vest has been naturally dyed using Myrobalan and Iron.
From careful segregation and thoughtful assembling of the fabric waste, we are able to give life to this unisex vest.
This classic silhouette is a true embodiment of timeless elegance, exuding versatility and appeal that transcends trends.
The heart of this vest is the captivating detailing that adorns it. This vest features smocking on the pockets. Wooden beads have been artfully layered in between the pleats of fabric, adding a touch of rustic charm and a sense of nuanced craftsmanship.
This vest design can be styled in countless ways, whether layered over a crisp white shirt for a formal occasion, paired with jeans for a more casual look, or draped over a flowy dress for a feminine flair.
Shoulder: 19.5 inches
Width: 48 inches
Length: 27 inches

Color: Grey
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