Metamorphosis Unisex Bib 3

This bib comes in a calm and soothing colour that we call Kora.
Crafted in 100% cotton fibers and natural materials. This 30s organic cotton upcycled bib is undyed and unbleached.
From careful segregation and thoughtful assembling of the fabric waste, we are able to give life to this wearable work of art.
A blend of bright shades like deep pink, regal purple, and vibrant yellow threads come together to create an interplay of threads, overlapping patterns, and a unique tactile quality.
Kantha, a traditional form of Indian embroidery, is brought to life in a new and intuitive way. Variations of the traditional running stitch further enhance the bib's visual allure, creating a captivating texture that invites both touch and admiration. Couching, a technique of securing threads to the fabric surface, adds depth and dimension to the design.
Broad belts on both side allow for easy adjustment, ensuring a comfortable fit for individuals of all sizes. This free-size bib is truly unisex, celebrating the diversity of bodies and styles that adorn it.
Shoulder: 22 inches
Width: 42 inches
Length: 26 inches

Color: Kora
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