Materiality Unisex Cropped Half Sleeve Jacket

Crafted in 100% Kala Cotton fibres and natural materials. This Cropped Half Sleeve Jacket comes in a dreamy and effervescent colour that we call Partly Cloudy. A trans-seasonal silhouette, it has been naturally dyed using indigo and turmeric.
The cropped jacket has running stitches of Kantha, in shades of blue & off-white creating an ombré transition from the shoulders. Adorned with pintucked shoulder belts and a combination of patch and flap pockets, the cropped jacket makes for a chic versatile separate.
This unisex silhouette creates room for endless styling possibilities as it can be paired with any longer overlay, shirt, t-shirt or a blouse underneath.
Type of Button used: Mother of Pearls Buttons

Color: Light Blue
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