Black Track Fleece Pants with the print “Tied Heart”

“Tied Heart” is our limited collection created in collaboration with a celebrated illustrator Talia Zoref. “Tied Heart" is a metaphor of a troubled creative mind, which is central in this collection. The purple drawing symbolizes the tragedy of creative mind that is caused by feeling of being overwhelmed with sources, colors and freedom of creation locked up behind the bars of wandering mind.
The name “Tied Heart” derives from a conjunction of the two aspects, freedom of creation and talent.

- Unisex
- Black
- Elasticated waistband and ankles
- Loose fit
- Black FXLB embroidery below the purple print
- Unisex
- Laid-back style
- Produced in Tunisia
- Fleece fabric
- 95% cotton and 5% elastane
- Find your unique item number on the orange tag

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