Birthday Maypoles Vest

In a collaborative project Birthday  Maypoles, created by knitwear designer Jona Bednjanec and photographer Lucija Rosc, the artists combine their different types of artistic techniques and transform photographs into knitwear. The series is showing motifs from photographs of birthday maypoles, that Lucija Rosc has been collecting ever since 2015. They are traditional objects of birthday celebrations, specific to the Slovenian space. In the countryside on someone’s birthday anniversary, their friends and family usually put up a tall spruce tree, garnished with a road sign and funny writings. Jona Bednjanec designs distinctively colourful products with versatile patterns and bindings by herself. She produces them with a knitting machine that, for this project, she managed to re-program in a way that it knits photographs. The artist stresses the importance of recycling in a world of design and textile industry by using the remnants of woolen yarns from local knitwear productions.
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