The More You K(NO)W, 2023

The More You K(NO)W, 2023, Andrew Marc Coat and Acrylic, 21”x25”, US Size: Large

The K(NO)W jacket carries multiple meanings pertaining to boundaries, action, and knowledge. As a culture and individual, this feels like a pertinent time to say NO to whomever (media, emotional vampires, generalizations, negative thoughts), KNOW what's going on with you and the reality around you, and NOW apply it in the real world. You owe it to yourself.

CARE: If your jacket has become wet in rain or snow, it will need to be dried at room temperature. Once they are dry, water spots are simply brushed off. Never, ever, wash a shearling jacket in a washing machine and never put it in the dyer. It will most certainly ruin it. Make sure you clean your shearling jacket before you store it away in the spring and never store your shearling with any stains. Instead, use a suede stone or cleaning brush to scour off dirty patches or scuff marks. The wool inside must also be brushed with a dry rag. Any tough stains in the wool lining should be tackled with a clean, damp rag. If rubbing with water is not enough, use a little wool cleaner in the water - this should get rid of harder-to-remove stains. Then, let your shearling jacket air dry and turn it inside out if the wool lining is too wet. Never leave your jacket near a fire or heater so it can dry more quickly - the heat will damage the leather. Whenever the jacket is not used, it must be stored in a dry place, as mildew may pose a problem. Shearling jackets must be wrapped in paper or stored in a cardboard box, but never in plastic. Always use a sturdy hanger and let it hang loose and naturally. Shearling jackets are not damaged by moths or any type of insect.

DIMENSIONS: Width 20" Length 38.5"  
DETAILS: Oversized jacket. Baggy, wide arm. Front Pockets with Button Clasp Closure and bottom snaps
A LINE OF KOPE wording Back, with Artist's Signature
EDITION: 1 of 1
HISTORY: Gifted from Gabriela, Andrew Marc Design, made in Argentina
MATERIALS: 100% Shearling
INK: Inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs, HCFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons or volatile solvents.
They are also free of lead, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

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