Romanticism Shirt

Romanticism marks a collaboration between Foxlab and artist Maria Vittoria Del Rosso, where the artwork for this collection delves into the delicate balance between human vulnerability and resilience. The pieces are characterized by ink blotches and drips that gradually fade the colors, embodying the fluidity of strength and fragility. Embracing sustainability, Maria Vittoria crafted each piece as a poignant reflection on environmental degradation. The inspiration for the stain motif comes from a New York Times article featuring an image of the 2006 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, highlighting the impact of such disasters.

- Organic cotton
- Limited collection
- LTD # is printed on the back of the placket
- Front button placket
- Classic collar
- Drop shoulder
- Buttoned cuffs
- Laid-back style
- Produced in Tunisia
- Oversized fit
- White with print on the front

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