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Our Rinaldo’s are the iconic derbies reimagined in a casual key, perfect under a velvet trouser with pleats.

Made of soft and durable hi-teck microfiber with superlative mechanical properties.

A dark-colored suede/crust effect and Vibram N-Oil rubber sole, they are handmade in Italy with Goodyear workmanship, fully lined and equipped with a Hydro treatment that makes the footwear highly water-repellent throughout the life of the shoe.

Product Specifications:

Upper: biocomponent fibers compacted and bonded together by a special polyurethane. Eco-friendly, PVC free. Its peculiarity lies in a three-dimensional structure identical to that of natural leather, which gives it qualities even superior to the latter. Characterized mechanical strength, light weight for higher comfort, great breathability, and resistance to aging.
(Composition: 60% PA, 40% PU).

Lining: eco friendly, made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles and bio polyols, obtained from no-food and GMO-free corn crops. Certified LCA (life cycle assessment), which determines the environmental impact related to individual steps in the production of the item
(Composition: 24% viscose – 76% polyurethane)

Hydro treatment: the upper features a Hydro treatment that imparts water impermeability.

Outsole: Vibram in N-Oil composition, made with +90% natural ingredients.
Quality, grip, durability and high performance guaranteed in an environmentally sustainable way.
Unique color made from 100% natural pigments.

Color: Nero
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