Pure Oxygen Concentrate Gel

The Oxygen Concentrate Gel Treatment by L’Ossigeno is a treatment that provides maximum benefits of Oxygen Ozone. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. Irritated and reddened skin draws maximum benefit from the gel formulation as it contains the highest percentage of Oxygen Ozone in the entire L'Ossigeno collection. The strong antioxidant concentrate performs a regenerating and soothing action to give a pleasant sensation of freshness. The skin is compact, revitalised, oxygenated, and renewed.

✓ Powerful Cellular Oxygenating Capabilities
✓ Soothes Redness & Irritation
✓ Suitable for All Skin Types
✓ Stimulates Cellular Renewal
✓ Boosts production of Collagen and Elastic Fibres
✓ Increases Cellular Vitality
✓ Recovers Skin from Oxidative Stress
✓ Fast Absorption & Fast Acting
✓ Very Strong Antioxidant Properties

Key Active Ingredients
Oxygen Ozone

Ingredient Listing
Aqua | Ozonized Glycerin | Carbomer | Triethanolamine | Propylene Glycol | Imidazolidinyl Urea | Potassium Sorbate | Disodium Edta

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