Glenn + Eva Dubin, 2021

Glenn + Eva Dubin, Museum of Modern Art, 2021, NEED Design and acrylic, US Size: Large

During May of 2021 Katelyn Kopenhaver was researching Jeffrey Epstein and affiliates quite heavily. Her projects around Epstein and Maxwell have landed her in New York Times, ABC News, Boston University, and Colorado Photographic Arts Center, and most recently, Filthy Rich: Ghislaine Maxwell.

One project in particular was MOMA HAS NOT YET RESPONDED FOR COMMENT, where Kopenhaver posted 24x36 posters inside the bathroom stalls of the 4th floor of MOMA. The same floor where two trustees of MOMA, Glenn and Eva Dubin, who have proven tight knit ties with Epstein and Maxwell, have their gallery. The small language printed on the poster is the same print on the back of this denim jacket. This garment acts as a relic of the guerilla installation, a truth out in the open, on someone’s back. It keeps this story exposed and living on, hoping to bring awareness and justice. There must be a continued dialogue on all that is instuitional corruption, the money that backs it, and the people who protect it.

CARE: Wash ONLY when needed; it's our opinion, that you should wash your jean jacket as infrequently as possible. When you do wash, wash on cold with a delicate cycle, and mild soap. Always clean inside out.
DETAILS: A LINE OF KOPE wording Back and Side, with Artist Signature
EDITION: 1 of 1
HISTORY: NEED Design, made in China
MATERIALS: 100% Denim
INK: Inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs, HCFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons or volatile solvents. They are also free of lead, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

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