fuck your algorithm t-shirt

fuck your algorithm (this is not your fault), cotton t-shirt and nontoxic acrylic, each unique in various sizes, black and white, special edition

Product Description:

How much of our physical and mental world is controlled and driven by algorithms? 

Are you mad because your phone told you to be?  Is freedom of thought, lack of self-censorship, and authenticity ever feasible, or is everything about pleasing your "viewers"? Today, screens know us better than ourselves. These hand-printed, unique, and editioned "fuck your algorithm" t-shirts aim to promote freedom and diversity of human thought and expression. They are a protest, a work of art, and a conversation that aims to inspire the wearer (and viewer) with a dash of self-awareness and skepticism about the reality surrounding them; and also encourage a much-needed reprieve from digitized lives.

How often do you participate in and perpetuate behaviors driven by your algorithm?  

& yes, I realize the interactive QR code element you just scanned. I aim to use the media I am critiquing against itself in an attempt to rectify my self-contradiction. ANYWAY, your echo chamber has ended.  Welcome to the show.

CARE: Wash inside out, delicate cycle cold, tumble dry low or hang to dry

EDITION: 1 of 30

HISTORY: Royal Apparel Design, Organic Cotton, Made in the USA

INK: Inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs, HCFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons, or volatile solvents. They are also free of lead, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals.


Color: White
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