About Wenjüe Lu

Insisting on design and craft on a hands-on basis, Wenjüe Lu devoted itself to emphasize the rediscovery and the re-cherishing of hand-weaving and traditional folk craftsmanship; to the possibilities of naturally-colored fibers, on its different shades and textures, while infusing its ongoing exploration of their philosophy of life born within the process into the creations.

We seek to restore a sense of “slowness” to the ever-accelerating world. 

Wenjüe Lu was founded in 2020 seeking to recover what is being overlooked by this fast-paced time. Through combining the authentic traditions across communities, while retaining its unique historical and cultural significance, with the aesthetic of contemporary art driven by emotive expressions to become an artistic entity that defies singular definition— focusing simultaneously and inter-sectionally on studio art, garments, communal happenings, and cultural workshops. We’re driven by a Taoist worldview.

Sustainable Development Goals

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