About Veerah

Veerah, established in 2016 by Stacey Chang, is an international luxury shoe brand committed to creating vegan and sustainable footwear. Inspired by the Sanskrit word for "warrior," Veerah aims to empower women with stylish, cruelty-free shoes made from innovative materials such as apple leather and recycled plastic textiles. The brand's collections feature classic silhouettes enhanced with removable jewel-like accessories, allowing for versatile styling. Veerah prioritizes ethical production and sustainability, ensuring each pair is meticulously crafted. Their designs reflect strength, courage, and balance, appealing to eco-conscious women who value quality and elegance. As a public benefit corporation, Veerah dedicates a portion of its revenue to social impact causes and offers paid volunteering hours to its employees. With showcases at major fashion events and a commitment to sustainability, Veerah continues to set new standards in luxury vegan footwear.

Sustainable Development Goals

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