About UHT

UHT, founded by Henriette Timea Udvar in 2013 in Hungary, expanded its market reach to Sweden in 2017 and the USA in 2023, securing trademarks in these countries. As a textile designer, stylist, fashion designer, and sustainability developer, Henriette offers a diverse range of products, including casual outfits, wedding dresses, accessories, and home textiles. Her brand is deeply committed to sustainability, a value that became more pronounced when she moved to Sweden in 2015.

Henriette’s designs are characterized by the use of high-quality fabrics, often enhanced with hand-painted or home-screened motifs that make each piece unique. She draws inspiration from her travels, sourcing materials from various countries and occasionally purchasing entire collections, such as traditional wedding dresses, to update them with contemporary trends.

In addition to fashion, painting is a significant aspect of Henriette’s creative expression. She enjoys creating art in her spare time, which further influences her textile designs. Personal client relationships are essential to her, as she believes in understanding their needs to provide customized creations that celebrate the delicate and fragile beauty of the female form.

Henriette’s approach to fashion goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about creating a style that embodies art, heart, and love. Her dedication to sustainability and innovative design ensures that each garment is not only beautiful but also meaningful and ethically crafted.

Sustainable Development Goals