About Jen Green Designs

Jen Green Designs is the brainchild of Jen Green, the Director of Sustainability in Burlington, Vermont. Jen's daily bike commute fuels her passion for sustainability and her love for the outdoors. She believes in the power of self-propulsion and strives to reduce car traffic, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. With a deep appreciation for classic, tailored work attire that she regards as "investment" pieces, Jen decided to address the challenge of switching between bike commuting and office wear. Her vision led to the creation of a clothing line designed specifically for professional women who bike to work. Jen Green Designs offers well-crafted, functional garments that seamlessly transition between the office and the bike ride. The inaugural design, a pencil skirt with a hidden zipper for effortless biking, perfectly embodies this fusion of style and utility. With a commitment to sustainability and quality over fast fashion, Jen Green Designs is poised to revolutionize the way professional women approach their daily commutes and work attire.

Sustainable Development Goals