About Furkat & Robbie

Dreamt up on the sunny isle of Jamaica, Furkat & Robbie is a woman-owned lifestyle brand that offers a timeless escape of warm weather dressing, revealing a premium and sensual resortwear collection of kaftans, kimonos, and ready-to-wear styles. Our creations exude a lived-in sense of ease: embodying the beauty of our Afro-Caribbean heritage, island comfort, and feminine confidence.

Acting on our commitment to slow and circular fashion, we craft our pieces with eco-friendly fabrics, and we carefully produce only in small batches, to mitigate waste and environmental impact. In our dedication to hand-made pieces, we champion ancient artisanal techniques through our global artisanal collaborations, and utilizing eco-conscious materials and methods. Every purchase you make helps us in our ongoing mission to support the talented female artisans who craft our exceptional handmade pieces. Through our community-based partnerships, we sell artisanal designs created by underserved communities of local artisans in Jamaica, Ghana, Colombia, and other parts of the world. We are proud to work with artisans and help keep traditional and ancient techniques alive while helping to empower artisan women creators with sustainable employment opportunities that help them support their communities.

As a community driven lifestyle brand, our ambition extends beyond mere commercial success. Our commitment to preserving artisanal traditions, uplifting communities, and empowering women guides our every decision. At Furkat &Robbie, the spirit of travel sparks curiosity for both the world around us, as well as the world within.

Sustainable Development Goals