About Ella Goodine Richardson

Ella likes to play around and experiment with things and techniques. Every incident endows her with a structural intimacy that acts like a story or picture. All the ritual and ceremony of garment making throughout history reveals a world of secret affinities. Ella is devoted to the care and wonder that comes from the environment from which these very real and relevant parts of our lives emerge. There is inarguably an ethic of care in craft that is as necessary as the needle and thread. Making garments retrieves and ransoms this historical tradition both as a technique. Ella yearns to divine the sculptural content of the past in an exacting iteration. Unique in her practice, Ella combines independence and tradition with a wild dance of object making that captures the quality of the historical moment through site-specific natural dyeing techniques and geographical reverence. Limitlessness and hidden faults are her secret necessities.

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