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YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE, 2023 COSTUME NATIONAL and Acrylic, 17”x 32”, US Size: 6

As soon as birth, we're bombarded with messaging and ideologies on how to behave, believe, and be. Self-reflection, nuance, and critical thinking are on standby while we sit in our comfort of consumption, chowing down media, drugs, sex, violence, genders, clothes, plastic surgery, tech, oppressions, and videos to avoid or remotely understand who we are. We continue with our daily lives attempting to keep up with trends of reality, leaving any semblance of understanding of who we are faded into the background. We wake up, start our day, and ask ourselves, who am I today?

CARE: Dry Clean except for the use of Trichloroethylene.
Any other dry cleaning solvents are ok
DIMENSIONS: Shoulders 17” Length 32” Sleeve 22"  
DETAILS: Gold Lining, Shoulder pads, 2 snap closure. 
A LINE OF KOPE wording Back and Front with Artist's Signature
EDITION: 1 of 1
HISTORY: Gifted from Katherine, CoSTUME NATIONAL Design, made in Italy
MATERIALS: 70% Laine wool, 20% Nylon, 10% Cashmere
INK: Inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs,
HCFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons or volatile solvents.
They are also free of lead, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

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