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Good for: A brightening botanical mask to draw out impurities and give yourself a surprise glow. Best for normal to dry skin. Face mask is the quickest way to infuse a surge of hydration, and get the circulation going in your face. It's one of those things that you never knew you needed until after you see the glowing results.

How to use: Use up to twice weekly to draw out impurities. Mix a teaspoon of powder and water to form a smooth paste, massage gently into face and neck, and leave on for 20 minutes or more as you wish. Rinse with warm water. 

Prep your skin first before face mask. Cleanse your face with Be Essential's Hydrating Black Honey Facial Cleanser to polish away surface dry skin cells before applying the face mask. Please do a patch test before use as not all skin react positively to all products.

Botanical ingredients: Nadis uses only the middle stems of moringa for the purest quality. According to the traditional Balinese medicine guide (USADHA), the middle leaves have the freshest nutrients compared to the oldest leaves (bottom) and newest leaves (top). Filled with goodness from moringa powder, sandalwood powder, rice powder, clove powder.  

Materials: Powder carefully wrapped in biodegradable organic cotton. Please recycle the recyclable tin can.  

About the Brand: NADIS. Husband-and-wife founders, I Made Westi and Ni Wayan Lilir, have received certificates for over 90 products including the moringa powder from Indonesia's Food and Drug Administration (called BPOM). A pioneer producer of natural beauty and healing products in Bali, Nadis has its own herbal farms to grow most of the ingredients and equipped facility to formulate and package by hand. Their exemplary quality is guided by the local wisdom of traditional Balinese medicine (USADHA). 

GIVING: Together we support the livelihood of small artisan communities. 

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