Kleneya Scarf

Hand-painted scarf for the beautiful days

– 180cm by 120cm

– Hand wash delicately in water of 30 degrees Celsius or less

– Fabric: Handwoven organic cotton

– Color: White with black Bogolan details

– Made in Mali

The ancient Bogolan (mudcloth) technique explained by the master textile dyers in Mali: Handspun, handwoven and hand-painted cotton. Mineral mud-dye is known as bogolanfini in Bambara and is a dyeing method which encompasses a lot of traditional symbolism. Cloth is soaked in a mordanting solution made from boiling the tannin-rich leaves of the kalama plant. Once the cloth has dried, it is painted with mineral mud extracted from the Niger River, rendering the cloth black, dark brown, or grey, depending on the source of the mud and the whims of the dyer.

The articles presented are craft pieces that may have non-substantial differences with the photographs of the products. For this same reason, some of the items may present small imperfections.

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