Sukkha Citta

KAPAS - Reminder Throw

A reminder to trust the process.

Our Ibus collaborated with Mother Earth to craft you this meaningful reminder piece. Embedded in each thread is an everyday intention to reconnect with what matters most. Grown, spun and woven by hand using our regenerative cotton harvest from last year as a reminder that things that matter take time. .

Limited edition to mark #7YearsofChangingLives.

  • Versatile. She is the piece that complete your look. Intentionally designed to be infinitely mixed and matched. Wear as an outer, a scarf, and more.  
  • Luxuriously handcrafted. Each Tumpang Sari plant is embroidered by hand. Creating a moment of connection everytime you wear her.
  • Perfect gift. For your best friend, sister, mother, grandmother - and yourself.

Diza wear All Size. She is 158cm, EU Size M.


KAPAS means cotton in Indonesian. Each piece in this farm-to-closet collection is grown regeneratively to heal Mother Earth. Restoring the soil's natural ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere through our Ibus' ancestral Tumpang Sari wisdom. Taking 180 days to grow, spin, weave and stitch.


MATERIAL | Regenerative cotton grown by indigenous women farmers
CRAFT | Manual Handloom + Embroidery
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island, Indonesia
PACKAGING | Zero-Waste Pouch
Color: Raw
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