Everyone Wants, 2023


Everyone Wants 2023, Reed Krakoff and Acrylic, 15”x24”, US Size: Small

My college professor in 2015, Greg Pond, rigorously expressed “everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die” to our photography class during a discussion at School of Visual Arts. I recorded, remembered, and recited these words allowed as a source of empowerment and a very real reminder. He was expressing the risks associated with the arts industry, but not to allow or internalize such risks to dissuade or prevent one to reach one’s goals. Perseverance and willingness to fail are vital. We all want heaven (success) but are you willing to die for it (fail)? Albert King said “everybody wants to go to heaven but no body wants to die” before him, I’m sure that’s where he heard it. Funny how language travels, thanks Greg.

CARE: Dry Clean
Dimensions: Shoulders 15” Back 24” Sleeve 22” Details
DETAILS: Four snap closures on front. A LINE OF KOPE wording on front,
EDITION: 1 of 1
HISTORY: Gifted from Katherine, Reed Krakoff Design, Made in the USA
INK: Inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs, HCFCs,
aromatic hydrocarbons or volatile solvents. They are also free of lead, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

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