Cotton Coat Sunrise


Fair knitwear | Handmade in Peru | Vegan |
100 % Organic Pima Cotton | Unisex | Patchwork knit |
Made from new organic cotton residues | Onesize |

Cotton Coat Sunrise
Travel tip: the sunrise in Malecón, Peru. You won’t believe those pastel colors! Their exceptional gentleness fills the heart with instant gratitude for all those beautiful wonders of nature. If only this feeling could be captured in a piece of clothing, so it would never have to leave our side. Said. Done. The vegan knitted coat Sunrise warms body and soul like the sun’s rays on Lima’s coast. In cooperation with globetrotter Friederike of Freiseindesign, our designer Julia created a loose and light statement piece that is made from 100% new residual cotton yarns. Put it on while meditating, wear it to a special event and be seduced by its charm: this vegan slow fashion coat will take you on a bright and shining journey through life.

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