Beanie Napkini Pompom


Fair knitwear garment, handmade in Peru | 100% Alpaca wool | Intarsia knitting technique | Lining 100 % organic Cotton Jersey for extra comfort | Matching sweater and scarf available | Zero waste design | Unisex |

Beanie Napkini clouds: Fair Fashion with a story
Yes, Peru may be the world’s largest supplier of organic coffee. But that doesn’t mean people usually ask for cappuccino in Lima’s little side cafés. Fortunately, ANNAMARIAANGELIKA‘s Head Designer had no idea and ordered one when resting her feet from her travels.

This cozy ethical sweater isn’t only handmade from fine alpaca wool. Its design has a charming story to tell: The owners of the café knocked on their neighbours’ doors for milk and advice on how to prepare their guest’s curious request. When the steaming brew finally arrived, it was served with a proud smile and a checkered paper napkin.

Sweater Napkini is an appreciation of this experience. It celebrates kindness in everyday situations that warm your heart for years to come.

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