To Barwyn and Back

"to Barwyn and back® was founded by Gemma Baxter in 2015. They triumph hi-visibility in a small collection of thoughtfully detailed street-wear garments with the urban cycle commuter in mind. They are excited by the idea of influencing more cycling in cities through thoughtful, adaptable garments made from technical fabrics with the ride in mind.  to Barwyn and back® is based in Melbourne. Garments are made by Award compliant (ECA) manufacturers in Melbourne and socks are manufactured in Taipei, under NBCU Official Factory Approval for ethical conduct. Cycling has a positive effect on communities and streetscapes, road congestion, public transport pressures, and mental and physical health for individuals. The innovative designs contribute something unique to the industry. tBab puts education and transparency at the forefront of the conversation, conducting open and honest dialogue to try to educate consumers to value fashion appropriately and reflect on our consumption behaviours."
Melbourne, Australia