The Dust Company

"The DUST Concept goes against the current trend to industrialize the production of a standard and packaged product. Medium-low quality, massive quantities and automated processing times are not part of our philosophy. “Of all the works of man I like best those which have been used… These are happy works. Absorbed into the service of the many. Frequently altered, they improve their shape, grow precious because so often appreciated. All this delights me.” Happy Objects When we decided to create the DUST brand, we took on something that was more than a normal business. Our ten-year experience in working with leather, the craftsmanship that we put on our work, do not only contribute to making high-quality bags with an elegant design. We wanted more, we wanted to be part of the experience of those who choose our product. Objects That Last We decided to use DUST's passion to authenticate the value of lost time."
Forli, Italy