The 13 Snake Project

"We are The 13 Snake Project: a Peruvian Genderless Artisan Streetwear driven by our HUMANfirst philosophy. We design Forever-To-Wear streetwear driven by our Progressive Creativity creating pieces thar are for everyone inspired by nature, people and all those journeys that connects are with our Hummanity. We make Artisan Streewear meaning we merge the concept of Artisan by using organic cotton, upcycled fabric, hand-made embellishements and Streetwear by using streetwear silhouttes, prints, embroideries; creating conceptual garments that makes a statement everytime you wear them. We have as a lifestyle moto always behave HUMANfirst: is to choose to be human everyday. Is to respect and keep the integrity of everyhuman being as you do it for yourself. Is to act with humanity with all the beings and resources of our planet."
Lima, Peru