In Kurinji’s creative process, some of the most majestic and evocative Indian embroidery styles have been intertwined with the traditionally sophisticated Italian know-how, creating collections that are able to allude to luxury sceneries and flourishing imagery. These atmospheres spread over all aspects of the Kurinji ecosystem, yet they always remain subordinated and directly respond to the company’s main calling: environmental awareness and activism: Kurinji pledges to actively work for the adoption and promotion of all practices that respect the environment and the generations of people that will inhabit our planet in the following decades. Environmental awareness doesn’t only mean attention to the materials used, yet also to the limitation of waste and emissions, to the implementation of low consumption processes, without forgetting the social responsibilities in regards to all the people who work within Kurinji’s work chain. Aware of the inevitable difficulties that we will bump into on our path, our pledge is to respect all these values, while striving to take an active role in the fashion revolution that has already begun, and that will bloom in this coming decade. This is our Plan A, as much as Earth is our Planet A.
San Mauro Torinese, Turin, Italy