"Kraywoods’ journey began in 2016 with a mission to combine high-end fashion with sustainability. Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality and most fashionable eyewear is fueled by our mission to change this planet for the better. Proudly designed and assembled in Montreal, every pair is handcrafted with ultimate care and attention to detail, just for you. Our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it. Every product includes wood in some shape or form and is reminiscent of nature in its essence. All our sunglasses are made mainly from recycled wood, with some pairs that include recycled plastic. For every pair of Kraywoods sunglasses sold, we plant a tree! This is done through a non-profit we partnered with called One Tree Planted, so we can also aid in global reforestation and give back to mother nature."
Montréal, Quebec, Canada