"APA is a Belgian fashion brand that combines high style with deep science. Our name comes from the Sanskrit word for “water,” and our first product, the ĀPA raincoat, was built to live up to its namesake. We take cutting-edge performance technologies and fabrics from the world of extreme sports, and craft them into impeccable, irreverent outerwear for city dwellers, world travelers, and anyone with an eye for style. Sustainability for us is two-fold: it means we avoid using chemicals and materials that are harmful to people and to the planet, but also that we uphold the highest working condition standards for those who help make our products. Specifically, we work with family-owned local factories in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and Poland that meet the highest requirements of working conditions. We place critical emphasis on green technologies, responsible manufacturing, good working conditions and safe products for customers."
Berlin, Germany