A Line of Kope

A LINE OF KOPE provides contemporary insights on micro and macro cultural truths; a source of power, vigilance, spontaneity, and action atop of one of a kind, repurposed art garments. Founder Katelyn Kopenhaver is a wordsmith, artist, and sometimes sociologist. Her one of a kind garments are reflective of the world in which we live, as well are deeply personal thoughts, fears and realities. She showcases a series of responses from controversial to existential concepts surrounding human behavior, politics, truth and culture. Her fashion works can of course be worn, but also act as art objects, crossing mediums of sculpture and installation.The foundation of A LINE OF KOPE is painfully sincere and brutally honest. With the genuine desire to protect, expose, inspire and empower, her verbal assaults are not only contemplative but compel us to act. Kopenhaver wishes for individuals who wear her garments to engage in dialogue, take ownership, and not be afraid.
New York, NY, USA