3QUARTERS is one of the first sustainable fashion brands in Greece, founded in 2015 in Athens by siblings Garyfalia & John Pitsakis. We re-purpose locally sourced leftover balcony awnings into beautiful, functional bags and accessories.

All our upcycled products are individually cut and sewn by hand. Each one is different. You can choose a bag that nobody else will ever have, promise. And we want them to be used and loved. We’ll repair them when needed and we’d love to take them back at the end of their life. It’s that simple.

Focusing on upcycled fashion accessories and committed to the principles of sustainable design, we work intentionally on small-scale production. We have a zero-waste policy and reuse all our scraps. Through our work and way of living, we try to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially, and environmentally conscious fashion.

Athens, Greece